"I have found that dancing at SRJC has been a wonderful experience. I have made lifelong friends and learned so much about the process of choreographing, learning, and cooperating with others..."  R.S.

"Hitting the stage [for 2022 Bizarre Bazaar] gave me a bigger type of energy knowing that I had potential and trusted my body and self. I was not only performing for the audience and choreographers, but for myself too..." M.O.

"[Performing with my fellow castmates]...I wasn't competing for a title in the world, I was just having some fun with my local community....I didn't know I'd get to meet all these new amazing people I can call friends, acquaintances and allies.." E.N.

"[Coming to the SRJC dance program]...I have never danced with a huge group of adults before so it was a very new experience. It was funt to get to know new people......and cool that I now know a lot more people in th dance world." V.B. 


About Marjorie Schultz, PE/Dance/Athletics, 1970-1997 

Founder of the SRJC Dance Program 


Born in 1941, Majorie Schultz studied ballet with Mrs. Roberts in Stockton throughout her entire childhood and after high school attended San Francisco State where she received her BA degree in physical education and dance in 1963.  After graduating, Marjorie began teaching dance at Woodrow Wilson high school in 1965 while she worked towards her masters degree in Physical Education and dance at SFSU

In 1970 Marjorie Schultz was hired at SRJC to teach gymnastics and dance.  During Marjorie’s 27 years of teaching at SRJC, she built this dance program, one class at a time. First with Folk dance, then modern and from 1970-1985 she hired new faculty, wrote curriculum and fought to insure dance had a significant place among our SRJC student body.   After 25 years of dance concerts and 27 years of teaching dance at SRJC, Marjorie retired in 1997 and enjoyed social dancing with her friends at Moose and being a grandmother.  6 months ago Marjorie turned 80,  and it’s been many years since Marjorie has joined us for a performance in Burbank theater, So we felt it was overdue that we shared our gratitude for her years of hard work.  


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