All Dance Class Information

Santa Rosa Junior College offers an extensive, diversified program of instruction including classes in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Latin dance, African Diaspora dance, at all levels of technique.   Also, courses in Dance History, Composition and Dance Repertory assist the dance enthusiast with further theoretical dance studies.   SRJC also offers the dancer performance opportunities with the Fall Touring Dance Company and the Spring Dance Production and Choreography Performance courses to complete their study in dance.

  1. Introduction to Dance Genres Dance 10.1/10.2: This class is preparation for all beginning technique classes, teaching the beginning skills of Ballet, Modern, and Hip Hop.
  2. Technique classes-Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Latin: For the Beginner (level I), Advanced-Beginner (level II), Low-Intermediate (level III), Intermediate (level IV), High Intermediate (level V), and/or Advanced (level VI) dancers can experience and train in the dance genres of choice.
  3. Theory Courses:
    1. Dance History Dance 2 - This course focuses on dance in western civilization through a brief study of dance in traditional cultures followed by a survey of dance history from ancient times through the 21st century. Through this course, the student will become aware of the significance of dance as ritual, social tradition, and as an art form. This course includes comparison of dance to other forms of expression in traditional societies, ancient cultures, Medieval and Renaissance Europe, as well as in 15th - 21st century western cultures. Survey of Dance History examines the development of ballet, modern dance, and other contemporary western theatrical dance forms.
    2. Choreography Dance 3.1- This course focuses on the fundamentals of the choreographic process and devices, emphasizing basic principles of space, time and energy. Students will choreograph dance studies applying a variety of choreographic approaches and techniques.
  4. Performance and Production courses:
    1. Touring Dance Company Dance 29 - Designed to provide the student with practical pre-professional performing experience. The students develop their own choreography and perform both student and faculty compositions in a variety of venues in Sonoma County. 
    2. Dance Production Dance 27 - Students rehearse and prepare to perform student-choreographed dances for the annual dance concert. The focus is on developing technical and performance skills, as well as productive work habits in relation to rehearsing and practicing choreography. This course is designed for intermediate to advanced level dancers, and also serves as an introduction to facets of dance production.
    3. Choreography for Performance Dance 28 - The intermediate to advanced dance students have the opportunity to develop choreography from initial concept through completion and performance. Students will conduct rehearsals, receive feedback on choreography, show their work, and prepare to present dances in a dance production. Students in this course may also perform in dances choreographed by fellow students.
    4. Dance Repertory Dance 32- This course is for intermediate through advanced dancers who will rehearse and practice one or more faculty-choreographed concert pieces. Each piece may be a work from the repertory of the choreographer or may be a new work set on the dancers.


Beginning/Intermediate Dance Technique  Intermediate/ Advanced Dance Technique Dance Theory  Performance Opportunities 

Ballet I-III-  Fall & Spring

Jazz I-III Fall & Spring

Modern I-III Fall & Spring

Hip Hop I-III Fall & Spring

Latin  I-III Fall & Spring

Jazz III-VI Spring

Ballet III-VI Fall

Modern III-VI Fall

Hip Hop III-VI Fall 

Contemporary II-IV Fall & Spring

Survey Of Dance History Fall & Spring

Choreography I Fall



Dance Production 27 Spring

Choreography For Dance Production 28 Spring

Dance Repertory 32 Spring

Touring Dance Company 29 Fall